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    38-45 PLN

    Rooms: 1 2,3,4,5 rooms for ... people

    Number of beds: 14-16


    St.Rybacka 26
    81-198 Rewa


    (+48) 514-377-611

    About Us:

    Enjoy your vacation to

    Dutch colony ASTERIX

    We offer a quiet, peaceful holiday by the sea in the Dutch style cottages.

    A view of our beautiful Polish sea: you can enjoy the sunrises and sunsets without leaving the house.

    The property is situated on the sea front, the property is just 30 steps away.

    Nearby there are also grocery stores and other venues.

    About 30 m to the nearest playground for your kids,
    approximately 50 m to the nearest grocery store,
    700 yards from the pier,
    800 m to the church,
    petrol station
    Polo Market and approximately 3 km.

    A great place for lovers of windsurfing and kite surfing, but also for those who enjoy hiking or biking.

    A picturesque place for a family vacation or a romantic trip for two, or a crazy trip harmonious package.

    Each bungalow has 2 bedrooms, plus an additional sleeping in the living room, elegant living room, łóazienka of cell-shower, fireplace, TV, radio, kitchenette - fully equipped - to live, cocoon colony terraces, playground for kids, barbecue , also available beach equipment.

    Holiday 6-or 8-passenger
    Price per house 6 people 200 zł / day
    Price per chalet 8 people 250 zł / day

    All information and reservations please call: +48 504-048-842

    Our mobile site:

    REWAto small but very pretty town with excellent tourist values. It is located in the municipality of Kosakowo in the province. Pomeranian. A characteristic element of Rewa is also known as Spit Rewska Rewskim tips, because it is actually a sand spit, which reaches a length of nearly one kilometer and its width at the base reaches 50 meters looks like a beautiful natural pier and liking it the most gulls. An interesting phenomenon is that the Spit Rewska separates the Gdańsk Bay from the Gulf of Puck. Apparently, in this is hidden a lot more of these sand mounds, which can be observed at a lower water level.


    Rewa is a great place to relax, especially for those who spend their free time actively. Most interest is fond of windsurfing and kite surfing, but also for those who like walking or biking. And for those who want more excitement Rewa also has something to offer, and so at the bottom in the surrounding area found three wrecks, which is an amazing treat for lovers of the deep.

    Attractions Rewa:

    • Szperk - This is a very interesting form of coastline, stretching all the way to the Hel Peninsula. Thanks aground on the Hel Peninsula and flow roam wild. Shallows sometimes emerge from the water, creating a temporary island. Once a year there is a so-called \ "march herring \", the march shoals of Rewa to the Forge.

    • National Avenue of Honour of the Sea - Every year wmurowywuje three plaques commemorating famous people of the sea.

    • Nature Reserves - Mechelińskie Meadows Nature Reserve, where he was given protected area of salt meadows, reed beds, sand dunes and waterfowl refuges. The most valuable species of flora found in the reserve to be holly and position słonorośli seaside. The second of the reserves is a bird and nature reserve covering rushes Beka mouth Reda, salt meadows and dune formations.

    In the summer, in the neighborhood of both Rewa and the Tri-City is a lot of big events, such as:

    1 Concert Lord of the Dance - Sports Arena in Gdynia, 08.05.2013r.
    2 Bon Jovi - PGE Arena Gdańsk, 19.06.2013r.
    3 Heineken Opener Festival - in Gdynia, Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport, 03-07.07.2013r.
    4 Iron Maiden - Ergo Arena in Gdansk, 04.07.2013r.
    5 Rihanna Concert - Airport Gdynia-Kosakowo 07.07.2013r.
    6 St Dominic's Fair - Gdańsk, 27.07-17.08.2013r.
    7 Siege of Malbork - Malbork, 18 - 21.07.2013r.

    And many more, which can not be described - kite surfing, hang-gliding flight, powered gliders.


    Effect of sea water on human skin

    Skin very favorably altered by sea water. This is explained by the fact that its composition is similar to the amniotic fluid, in which the developing fetus. While taking into account the minerals contained in it can be compared to serum. This causes the sea water penetrates into the skin and cleanses, moisturises, improves blood circulation, it also provides oxygen and valuable nutrients. With salt-water contact occurs also to improve the condition of the collagen and elastin fibers, and to changes in the elasticity and tension.

    By choosing a longer holiday in the sea can be assured that our skin rejuvenates itself. It is worth remembering, however, to apply to certain tips, namely to ensure that you exit from the water, which should be gradually fall, shower and rinse the entire body, including the hair. Sea salt and minerals contained in the water in high concentrations because dehydrate the skin.

    Sea and dropping extra pounds

    Stay on the Baltic Sea is a great choice for people who want to lose weight. Although we do not like cold water, we need to know that thanks to the metabolism is accelerated, so that the blood begins to circulate more quickly, so that we can easily lose unwanted weight.

    Walk in the waves to improve the condition of the legs

    Cold seawater perfectly massaging the foot, tones the nervous system and circulatory system, constricts blood vessels. This walk is recommended for people with varicose veins. Salt water relaxes the walls of the veins and helps pump blood to the upper part of the body. First zamoczmy feet to the ankles and spacerujmy, then run with the shallow depth. Immerse feet resting on his knees and pospacerujmy just a few minutes. At the end of useful warming feet walk on the warm sand.

    Sea and allergy

    Due to the fact that the wind is blowing from the sea, the air is very clean and free of allergens. So, the sea is highly recommended for allergy sufferers. The best time to walk is in the morning and windy days and after storms. Then the air is the purest and richest in marine aerosol.

    In one day you can arrange the 5-10 minute bath involving the gradual immersion of the body, so that when the water rub the thighs and abdomen as well as arms and chest. After leaving the cold water should be thoroughly dried and put warm clothes.





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